The Complete Introduction to Google Ads

Google Ads Training Courses
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Learn the basics of Google Ads. In this 27 minute video Chris discusses the basics of paid search advertising on Google Ads. The topics include:

1. Paid vs non-paid search results on Google.

2. Types of search results, paid and non-paid, found on Google.

3. How to create a Google Ads account.

4. Navigating the new Google Ads interface.

5. Viewing your campaigns, changing the metrics date range, using the interactive graph, an introduction to filters, and changing the columns in your Google Ads account.

6. Adding key metrics for reviewing your Google Ads data. 

7. Clicks, impressions, Clickthrough Rate, Average Cost per Click, Cost, Average Position, Conversions.

8. Segmenting your average position data.

9. Search impression share and the percentage lost due to budget and rank.

10. Navigating ad groups and how to change names and bids.

11. How to view keywords in your ad groups.

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The Complete Introduction to Google Ads

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